Paint the Google all black

Last month I argued that a power point with a black background uses much less electricity than a power point with a white background. (Paint The Power Point Black)

Even if you don’t make many projected power point presentations, you do use search engines. I’m willing to bet that your search engine is designed with a white background. Unless you are on an LCD screen, you are using way too much juice with one of the portals. What to do?

Paint the Google all black. I have finally found the article that claims that if Google redesigned their website with a black background, it would save an enormous amount of energy. (Black Google Would Save 750-Megawatt Hours Per Year). This is especially true for CRT, OLED and Plasma devices. Many people would complain that this would be harder to read, but we could adjust. If you’ve seen Tom Peters do a talk, you’ve easily kept up with his 100 or so slides, few have a high-usage white background. Visit his site to download one of his power points.

I’ve found a great solution for now. Check out a black version of Google called Ninja. You can also try Same results, less energy use. Try it out, it works. Make it your home page and try it for a few days.

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