Oprah as case study in media responsibility

Oprah gets it.  She's my media hero. 

She just cancelled her episode on the Columbine massacre because "it would focus too much on the killers."  Bravo!  I wish the cable nets and NBC were as responsible. 

Here's my point of view: It's irresponsible to turn killers into rock stars.

When we make killers rock stars by giving them airtime, we breed more killers. This is the conclusion of various media studies in Europe over the last few decades — and explains why many media outlets there will not name a killer/terrorist or display pictures of them. 

Remember, many hate crimes or sprees are motivated by the need to be heard or the need to be famous. As much as I promote social responsibility in terms of sustainability, community development and safety, I urge media companies to practice content management with an eye on its impact on society. 

I find much of today's CNBC and Fox News coverage highly inflammatory with only one goal in mind: Ratings at any cost. Someday, hopefully soon, a brave network executive will launch The Good News Network and give us daily doses of inspiration that breeds positive behavior instead of crime, fear and hate.