Only make new mistakes

I’ve heard this advice from psychologists, clergy and thought leaders: It’s ok to make a mistake, just make new mistakes!

The idea is that repetitive errors are the errors that doom us to failure. Frequently, we miscalculate human nature, try something and it turns out to be a disaster. Then our ego gets the best of us, we find a scapegoat, then commit the same mistake again and again. Each time we repeat the same mistake we erode trust from our base of friends and followers.

So every time you make a mistake, write it down, and promise yourself that it is a one-time-only mistake. Don’t be afraid to try new things or make a bet on people; just don’t be a repeat offender. Almost anyone can forgive a mistake made based on an inability to see the future. Few, though, will let you come back to the well more than a few times without losing faith in you.