On my way to the UK


I'll be in the United Kingdom, on a short speaking tour

It's always a challenge to pack for a six day trip, especially if you are committed to only carry on bags. I am loathe to ever check baggage as it can slow me down, make me crazy and leave me w/o my gig clothes.  

The trick to packing for six days, five speaking gigs and two red-eyes is planning, planning and replanning. Here's what I'm lugging: 

*  Writing notebook (for an author, always #1)
*  Mac Laptop (solid state drive) 
*  Kindle 2 (next read: Twitter Power
*  Panasonic mini video cam
*  iPhone plus Richard Solo battery re-charger
*  World Cup red and yellow cards (for effect)
*  100 business cards 

*  One Dior black suit (wearing jacket to suit #2 on plane) 
*  Slacks that go w/ suit #2
*  3 no-iron tailored brooks brothers white shirts 
*  Three ties (two standard, one formal) 
*  Workout pants, tennis shoes
*  Blow dryer, UK adapter
*  Pillbag with Ibuprofen, lo-dose aspirin, melatonin
*  Valet clothes steamer
*  One black long sleeve and short sleeve shirt 
*  Copies of each of my book, 3 of my DVDs

My schedule is nuts: I get in Tuesday AM, recover all day, then have two gigs in Leeds on Weds. Thursday is two more gigs in Goelle and Friday is three gigs in Harrogate.  Saturday I fly home.  I'll have what I'm wearing (sans the jacket to suit #2) dry cleaned when I get to the UK.  

Believe it or not, I have everything I need with this configuration.  As a speaker, you travel for a living. The next time you take a multi-day trip, consider a plan for carry on.  With a little planning and a few key tools, you can do it too!