Nice Smart People Succeed

Five years ago, dog-eat-dog was the prevailing wisdom of leadership and business.


I would know this, because I launched a shot in-the-name-of-love in 2002 and I found two types of people: Those thats got it and gave all and those that didn’t trust it or thought it was just a fad. Some people are Lovecats, a lot of them are MadDogs. It wasn’t a fad, it was a trend. The law of reciprocity is starting to really be important to understand. If you got it, you got it out of your talent, your Customers and even your competitors.

Check out this article from the Christian Science Monitor —
At Work, Nice Is On The Rise

Go buy The Power Of Nice . This book really builds a case for what I like to call “The Virtuous Circle” in business: The more you give, the more you get back. Note: Giving isn’t easy to sustain.

Here’s an article by Christian Science Monitor about my first book. A Lovecat Calls For Compassion In The Cubicles