New editorial approach for Sanders Says!

As many of you know, my third book (Saving The World At Work) comes out on Sept 16. 

To support it, I'll be touring around North America for the next two months.  I'll see more of the country than ever before, and likely make hundreds of new friends along the way.

I'll be launching a dedicated site for the book (it will be a very cool social networking site for people that want to save the world while at work) and all of my advice on the go forward will be focused on that subject and posted there.   I'll tell you the URL in a few weeks when the site is live.

So, Sanders Says is going to become a travel/interview blog:  I'll talk about my trips and conduct interviews with other bloggers about a variety of topics.   I'll take photos, review food and fun, and share my adventures with you. 

If I get a chance, I'll still crow about great music that I discover — can't give that up!