New Directions For Sanders Says

I’ve been writing Sanders Says since 2007, mostly based on what inspires me and informs my readership.  I’ve stuck mostly to issues related to work, leadership, marketing and spirit.  Certainly, there hasn’t been an editorial calendar, and maybe that’s why my following hasn’t grown as quickly as it could have.  While the diverse and whimsical may work for some (Seth does it brilliantly), for most…a little focus can go a long ways. 

Recently, I’ve decided to make this my main publishing platform, posting content for you three times a week.  This will provide more for you, and get me back to author-form.  Here’s what I plan on doing: 

New Media Mondays – From mobile to social to interactive…I’ll write about ways businesses and entrepreneurs can leverage new media.  I’m going to be doing quite a bit of writing on what I call “The Social Opportunity” for businesses.  It’s the #1 topic I’m being hired to speak at conferences about.  

Work On Wednesday – From perspecitve to best practices to leadership…I’ll write about how we move our careers, groups and companies forward in this topsy-turvy world we work in. 

Friday Forward – Some weeks, I’ll recap current business/tech events, and what it can teach us. Other weeks, I’ll write about how we can move forward into the uncertain future.  Will include tips and hacks on knowledge gathering, personal development and dealing with disruption.  

I’m also going to have some guest posts, interviews with experts and more video.  Stay tuned and/or subscribe to the feed or email distribution.  Let me know in comments what you’d like me to write about.