Never underestimate the power of people

As I boarded the plane I said to myself, “I’ll never fly Jet Blue again!”

The incoming flight on that plane had been a nightmare for passengers. Incredible turbulence created a vomit chain reaction on the plane, with over a dozen people getting sick.

Jet Blue, as a way of saving money, doesn’t have full custodial services, their attendants pick up garbage – they had no way to put the plane back together for our flight.

As I boarded the plane, the smell burned my nostrils. I couldn’t believe they didn’t cancel the flight or do something about it. However, within a few minutes of takeoff, the smell went away and the attendants made their rounds (apologetically).

Their personality (much like Southwest’s) made up for everything. They were funny, sensitive and helpful. I realized that the reason I’m loyal to brands is not because of the product, price or conditions. I’m loyal to good people.

The next time you are in a pukey situation at work, remember that you can really make up a lot of lost ground by being a likeable and engaging person.