Networking for Mentoring

Guest post by Mark J Carter (with Saving The World at Work/Networking For A Cause)

When you're networking what are you usually looking for?  Clients? 

If it's business relationships within your own company, then what?

For both those cases there's a new reason to network: to become a mentor or find a mentor.

Tim says in "Saving The World At Work": "Corporate mentorship programs help employees become more successful at the company and lay the foundation for flourishing careers." and "If your company doesn't have a mentorship progra, think about creating one yourself."

Here's a quick strategy for networking for mentoring (both at events and within your company):

If you want to BE a mentor know what your expertise is, how much time you have to offer and talk about those with people.  Ask them (at events) what type of people they're looking for and why.  If they mention struggling with the subject of your expertise offer to help, even if it's a phone call.

If you WANT a mentor isolate one or two skill sets you'd like to learn…then talk about them and directly tell people you're looking for someone to help you learn.  The best mentors tend to be the most giving people.

Mentoring can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

Have you been a mentor?  Had a mentor?  How did that professional relationship help your career?

Post your response below; looking forward to talking!