My New Sales Strategy Book Is On Sale Now!

I’m so excited to announce the 5th book was just published! It’s titled Dealstorming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges. It’s based on my experience at Yahoo and then as a consultant, where I helped sales teams close hundreds of millions of dollars of deals and account renewals through teamwork.  The main idea behind the book is that it’s getting complicated to make a sale, keep a client or raise money for your business. To solve all the problems and stand out from the crowd, innovation is required at every step of the journey. And here’s the key: Genius is a team sport.

Dealstorming is chocked full of stories and case studies from my days at and Yahoo as well as from 200+ interviews I’ve conducted with sales leaders and business owners. In Dealstorming, I reveal the 7 steps to creating and leading a multi-disciplinary team to victory. Even if you work at a small firm, you can still recruit collaborators and in the book, I’ll show you how to punch above your weight.

If you are in sales, own a business, want to be a business owner or aspire to become a more effective leader, this book is for you. I’ve spent the last three years writing this book, and today is very important as we need to sell enough copies to move the needle on the best seller lists and help the rest of the world discover my work. Your support means a great deal to the success of this book launch!



  • Immediate delivery of my Relationship Power eBook, an update to Love Is the Killer App with new tips on mentoring & networking.
  • One pass to my 120 minute Dealstorming video boot camp for each copy purchased. $299 value for each attendee!
  • FREE 45-minute live webinar experience for your team where I’ll cover the book’s content and offer advice on your specific sales challenges. Requires 50 book purchase minimum.

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