My new life on Twitter

Kicking and screaming, I've entered Twitter world. 

As an author/speaker, Twitter offers me a great platform to forge relationships and maintain mindshare. It is also a great stream to fish in for ideas and inspiration.  Over the last few weeks, I've added Tweeting to my daily to do's.  If you follow me, I hope I'm giving you great return on attention. 

The people I follow on Twitter do just that, and they don't pollute my Twitter stream with overpostings or irrelevant observations.  I call these types Twitter trash. They don't get it and after a few too many bad tweets, I un-follow them.  
Here's what I offer if you follow me on Twitter
*  One daily idea for your life or perspective
*  Humorous observations and fave jokes from comics
*  Music, movie and book tips
*  Retweets of my favorite tweets in my stream 
*  Glimpses of my life on the road as a speaker, including real-time pics I snap with my iPhone.  

If you are a big Twitter'er, please recommend me to your follows via #followfriday. My goal is to break one thousand followers by the end of June.  

PS — I use Tweetdeck as my platform. It's free, easy to install and allows me to post to Facebook and shorten URLs all in one place.  Moreover, I can follow all my replies, mentions of me or my books as well as hot trending topics on the network. 

Follow me on Twitter, I'm @sanderssays