My big gig tomorrow at Catalyst in Atlanta


Tomorrow is the biggest gig for me on this book tour.  

Behind me you see the massive Gwinnett Center in north Atlanta.  Tomorrow, they expect over 12,000 people to attend this event (The annual Catalyst conference).  I just did a walk through, and it's a bit overwhelming to see the size of the stage and venue.  

Am I nervous? Actually, I'm excited beyond words.  This is a chance for me to inspire others to give and teaching compassion during a time of national crisis.  I spoke here in 2003, and talked about the value of love in our business life — and it was one of the most exciting days of my speaking career. 

Tomorrow I have a simple message:  Take your community values to work.  Your company and your community both need you to rise above the scarcity of today's market mess and make a difference.  The companies that give at the bottom will be revered later when the market recovers.  I'll tape it and share a portion of my remarks on a future post.  

Wish me luck, clarity and lucidity.