Make Yourself Easy To Do Business With

It is no wonder that Google is winning the war for advertisers. They are so darn easy to buy from.

Today’s USA Today talks about how “ease of use” is a killer application for Google in a Money section story (Google ad sales outpace all comers). Think about it; online ads work, but how much work goes into placing an online ad? Apparently, Google is the easiest and in the new new world of faster-better-cheaper, that makes them the market share leader too.

To that end, I’ve decided to open up my own Ebay store (Deeper Media Ebay Store) to make it easy for you to buy my videos and do direct business with my new company, Deeper Media. You can visit the store and if you are an Ebay customer, you can buy my products without any registration, credit card entry, etc. Easy-peasy-thank-you-Ebay. In the coming days, I will also add foreign editions of my books (from Chinese to Dutch) to the store– so bookmark the store and check back often. If you don’t have any of my videos, it is “easy” to get one in a few clicks from my Ebay store.

IDEA FOR THE WEEK: Can you reduce the steps it takes for someone to do business with you? Have you ever counted how many clicks or calls they have to go through to complete a transaction with you? Make it a goal to reduce one click/call/effort and see your sales go up!

Recommended read: Simplicity Marketing by former CMO of Coke Pete Sealey. He demonstrates how reducing “stuff and steps” is a breakthrough for leading companies like Apple, Acura and even P&G.