Make the healthy switch

A few food substitutes can make a big difference in your diet’s healthiness.

Over the last few years, I’ve made three big changes to how I eat, and all of them have improved my health. First of all, I’ve replaced chips and fries with broccoli and low fat salad dressing. This knocks out a ton of bad carbs, grease and sodium and replaces it with a great antioxidant. Eventually, you get used to it and enjoy it just as much as the ‘junk’.

Second, I’ve swapped out lunch meat and burger patties with Boca burger veggie patties. After a few weeks, your stomach will be convinced (like my dog) that they are the same thing. I’m not a vegetarian, but I love Boca’s product line.

Finally, after dinner, before considering any type of desert, I eat an apple. It reduces my cravings for something sweet and reduced the amount of cookies, ice cream and candy I eat. Researchers say that an apple a day keeps the munchies away.

In the last few years, I’ve lost thirty pounds and have never felt better. I’m not claiming these are magic bullets, but the process of substituting good food for bad food is a great way to improve your health.