Make some honey with Earth

One of my favorite atmospheric records of the year is The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull by a rock band named Earth. It’s brainchild is Dylan Carson, maybe best known for being pals with an up and coming Kurt Cobain waaay back in the day.

They are classified as experimental, but I think of them as ambient instrumental. On their sonically astounding new record, their sound ranges from Jane’s Addiction (Think Nothing’s Shocking without vocals) to early Pink Floyd to Godspeed You Black Emperor (If you don’t own Lift Your Skinny Fists, you haven’t lived).

They are perfect for a party, meditation or background music.

Read the Pitchfork review of the record

I found them on Good Records, where they were one of the top selling bands at the time. There is a cool experimental rock scene brewing, and I expect to hear about tons of other bands taking the same approach. You’ll have to give the entire record a few spins until it ‘gets you’, but trust me my faithful readers – it will.