Make a positive New Year’s resolution

Is it just me, or do all New Year’s resolutions focus on being less bad?

Some people are resolved to stop killing themselves through diet, drink or smoking. Others promise to stop wasting time, abusing people or working too hard. None of these resolutions are inspiring and more importantly, none of them can catapult you to greatness.

Instead, take something that you are already good at, and resolve yourself to improve on it in 2008. For example, my New Year’s resolution is to improve my ability to tell stories that move others to action. It is something I have a knack for, but could get much better at with focus. This is a new way of thinking about the new year – it is a time to contemplate how we can develop our skills and assets, not manage our bad habits.

Think of three things you are good at, but would like to get even better at next year. Pick one, make a resolution about it and plan at least one thing you’ll do a month to support it. Unlike a diet plan, for example, you won’t let a few setbacks knock you off the program. Since you are developing a strength, each time you use it you’ll be even more motivated to invest more into it. Author Marcus Buckingham’s breakthrough idea is that you are better off to focus on your strengths than to obsess about your weaknesses. Apply that to tonight’s celebrations and proclamations and soar with your strengths in ’08.