Love Is the Killer App turns 10

It feels like yesterday: Valentine’s Day, 2002, the day my first book was published.  

Since then, thousands of readers have shared their stories with me.  A few of them even showed up in the paper back version of the book, which was release in 2003.  Many of you told me that the principles in the book validated your actions: Share Knowledge, Network Without Expectations, Be Compassionate.  (Read the Fast Company excerpt from Love that ran in their Feb 2002 issue.)

To me, that’s one of the two best reasons to write a book.  Validate the reader, to quote Kurt Vonnegut, “let her know that someone else shares her values and that she is not alone.” (note: the other reason to write a book is to give advice or share perspective that is counter to conventional wisdom.) 

I have so many people to thank from my writing partner Gene Stone to the last person who emailed me with an account of how he has given the book to fifty business partners over the last year.  From the genesis to today – “thanks for sharing the love!” 

In the comments, please share what you learned from the book, and how you’ve applied it to your business or leadership life.  Thanks in advance for sharing. 

For iPad or iPhone users, here’s a YouTube video I made about the ten year anniversary. 

For the rest of you, here’s the video! 


Love Is The Killer App Turns Ten from Tim Sanders on Vimeo.