Love Is The Killer App (the Lovecat way)

If you want to succeed, promote success in others. 

That is the one line summary for living a Lovecat life — especially in business.  In late 2001, Adrian Smith and I produced a seven minute video that outlined the Lovecat system for business success. It supported the launch of my first book, Love Is The Killer App.  The video was displayed, mostly via CD ROM, to hundreds of book store owners and media reps.  

Almost eight years later, I still believe it is the #1 way to live your BizLife. The message (give knowledge, share network, show compassion) is still relevant.  I've been booked to give keynotes on this subject recently by companies looking to promote team work, sharing, outstanding customer service, etc.  Tough times call for tough love I guess.

Love Is The Killer App from Tim Sanders on Vimeo.