Love is (still) the killer app

This book tour is taking me all over the country, meeting people that I've only known previously over email. 

One of the biggest takeaways I'm getting from my travels is this:  Love is still the killer app! 

Here are 2 YouTube clips, shot on my handy Panasonic mini-cam.  I had a friend shoot both of these yesterday, when I was in Cary NC, giving a talk at the SAS Institute campus. 

1.  The Dennie Story — About a month ago, I received a frantic email from a SAS Institute employee named Tim Fairchild.  He had borrowed his friend's signed copy of Love Is The Killer App to read on his vacation.  He took it to the beach, and it accidently got soaked and ruined.  He asked me, as a favor, to replace it with a signed copy.  I gladly did it.  A few weeks ago, Tim emailed me to thank me for doing it.  He also explained that his friend, Dennie, had just lost his battle with cancer — and the last time Time saw him was to drop off the new signed copy of my book.  I'm so glad I answer every note, and try my best to satisfy all requests.  

2.  The Scott Wittig interview — I've been emailing back and forth with Scott for a few years now.  He's adopted my Lovecat system, and gives a testimonial about how it's impacted his BizLife.