Listen to your elders!

I just love it when a ten or twenty year old band releases a vital record that vibrates with energy. Mostly, you have to rely on fresh bands and their debut albums to experience the urgency that makes rock music great.

Three elders of rock have moved me in the last year. Each record reconnects with their debut energy, yet the music shows a sense of maturity that can only come with experience.

1. Sonic Youth — Rather Ripped
Kim and Thurston deliver a hummable, melodic and brown-toned record in this release. Incinerate and Reena are standout tracks, try them and get hooked.
2. Apples In Stereo — New Magnetic Wonder
This band has been on the DIY/Indie scene for 15 years (about 10 years before Indie was cool). They remind me of Brian Wilson meets Pavement. Fun. New Magnetic Wonder is loaded with songs that take you back and forth in time. Almost every song is a gem, making it ITUNES proof — you gotta buy this disc.
3. Grinderman (debut of Nick Cave’s newest project)
Nick Cave is back with thunder and speed with his newest project, Ginderman. He keeps his pop sensibility, yet delivers serious raw energy that rivals MC5 and The Stooges. I hope I rock like him when I get to be his age. I thought he was dead.