Listen to the rocking sound of four hands

This week, I’d like to introduce you to rodrigo y gabriela.

They play stadiums all over the world and their album is currently ranked #81 on Amazon, even though it is a year and half old and they get little or no promotion here.

They are one of the most rocking bands in the world. Its a duo of Mexican heavy metal influenced musicians who ended up in Dublin. When you listen to the record, you think it is a full band. But in reality, its just Rodrigo and Gabriela playing acoustic nylon string guitar. They are incredible at playing beats, bars and licks all at the same time to create that effect.

To me, rodrigo y gabriela are like White Stripes mixed with Cuba’s Prez Prado. It sounds like a full band: guitars, bass and drums. But if you watch the DVD, you’ll see that it is just the two of them and only their four hands.

Each instrumental track has the intensity of dynamics, like only an acoustic instrument can deliver. They bring their Spanish guitar meets Dream Theatre approach in a rendetion of songs like, Stairway To Heaven, and it is breathtaking. You also get a bonus DVD of them playing live. This will be as important to me in the future as Gotan Project or the Tribalistas. Go listen to track #7 Orion. You’ll click buy once you hear thirty seconds of it, I promise.

Recommended: rodrigo y gabriela CD and DVD for only 8.99!