Leverage gratefulness for a more effective (and happy) life

Today, I'm grateful. This feeling will inoculate me from a bad mood, uncooperative behavior and a lack of energy.  Why am I grateful? 

I have this feeling because I practice gratefulness every morning. It is my new morning devotional. With my morning cup of coffee, I create list of things to be grateful for. I'm very specific and don't contrive or include the trivial. 

When I finish my list, I read it outloud. Finally, I take five minutes to close my eyes, smile, and contemplate this fantastic life I've been given. This practice has a powerful impact on me in every way: physically, emotionally and spiritually. I can't believe this hasn't been part of my morning routine my entire life. 

What am I giving up to do this? Some newspaper time, idle net surfing and checking my email. Those morning habits don't contribute to my effectiveness like the practice of gratefulness.  

This will not be my last post on this subject. It's my belief that you can't be hateful when you are grateful. When you have a bad attitude in a role (work, family, etc.), you've likely lost your gratefulness and need to refresh it to be effective.  What are you grateful for?