Let’s get killed

I've decided to reach into my CDs-you-have-to-own goodie bag for a music recommendation. 

Many of you first heard DJ-tastemaker David Holmes when you saw the film Ocean's Eleven.  His sense of style, funk and lounge fit perfectly with the stylish film.  Truth is, he makes fantastic party records you can put on for any crowd. 

Holmes weaves a perfect cinematic story in his records.  Last night I listened to his class CD, a single 45 minute mix titled, "Come Get It, I Got It".  It's out of print and sells for $35.00 on both Amazon and Ebay.  

Another fantastic record, that is actually affordable, is his follow up master piece: Let's Get Killed.  It weaves soundtrack, anthem, jam and chillout into a must have record.  You can also download this record for less than ten bucks on iTunes.