Let’s get back to work on creating Customer value

How many working days in a row have we obsessed about the market? 

Raise your hand if you've checked the Dow at least 4 times a day.  Raise your hand if you've checked on customer experience 4 times in the same period.  If you've done more of the first than the second, you are letting the times choke off your professional focus. 

Here's something to ponder: You can't hate Wall Street or the meltdown enough to improve the life of your customer by 1%.  If your competitors have economic blinders on, and they are working away at improving the level of service to customers, you are getting behind.

Where will your business be when the market (finally) recovers?  Get back to work today, I know I will.  I pledge to ignore the market today — and I'm sure it'll go up or down without me.  Meanwhile, I'm piling on some Customer-love.  Please join me.