Let your thanks be your shield

Every one of us is challenged, almost daily, by emotional gravity. Something or someone in life does something that brings us down. Work conditions can make us frustrated and cynical. A simple disagreement with your work buddy results in a freak out and a bad day.

Most of your outbursts, or lapses in friendliness, are the result of an inner dialogue that recounts all of your unmet needs. You convince ourself that life sucks, and externalize it with anger. The inner dialogue feeds on itself, just like negative energy tends to do. You lose control of your thoughts and you run out of room — and then you emotionally collapse and lash out.

Learn a relationship/professional lesson from Thanksgiving: Giving thanks can give anyone an extreme emotional makeover — even your crusty old uncle.

Here’s a quicktalk video I produced two years ago, while still @ Yahoo, that offers a simple technique to help you defy the emotional gravity of life that serves as the great equalizer.

A Thanksgiving Solution

Recommended read: The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale