Learn The Secret for business

Many of us have learned “The Secret” for personal life: The Law Of Attraction.

However, there is another secret that is powerful in the business world: The Law Of Reciprocity.

The law of reciprocity states that people will give back when they’ve been given to. In the context of business, here’s how the law of reciprocity plays out: For the most part, every time you do the right thing for your customers, employees, partners, and/or greater community, these people will find a way to repay you. They will be loyal to you. They give thoughtful feedback to improve your business. They tell their friends to buy from you, or to work at your company.

Adam Smith, the grandfather of Western economic philosophy, wrote in The Theory of Moral Sentiments, “No benevolent man ever lost altogether the fruits of his benevolence. If he doesn’t always gather them from the persons from whom he ought to have gathered them, he seldom fails to gather them from other people, and with a tenfold increase. Kindness is the parent of kindness.”

Try a little faith today at work. Make a bet on people and invest in them. Even if you don’t see an immediate return, you will eventually see a pattern: success.