Leaders = Conductors

A few years ago, I read Benjamin & Roz Zander’s book The Art Of Possibility

Today, that book is still in my all-time Top 20 list.  It’s point of view was powerful: Find passion in the possibilities.  Be bold in your abundance.  In 2004, I met Ben Zander while speaking at a leadership conference in the United Kingdom.  I was the opening keynote, he was the closer. 

As the conductor of the world famous Boston Philharmonic, Zander has applicable leadership expertise that would help all of us.  In his talk, though, he goes beyond the conducting-metaphor.  He doesn’t connect your leadership life to a metaphor (music, war, sports, etc.) — he transforms you with his unique point of view.  He’s famous for getting audiences of all sizes and types in on the action. By the end of his closing keynote, he had three thousand people on their feet — conducting with him. 

Thanks to reader C.A. Hurst, here’s a clip of Zander at the 2009 Ted Conference:       Benajmin Zander on Music and Passion