Last minute holiday gift solutions!

Are you really finished with your holiday shopping? Are you running out of time and can’t stand the thought of fighting traffic at the malls?

Here are six different gifts you can buy in a few clicks. Consider these my gift tips for this season.

Books for a business colleague:
Go Put Your Strengths To Work by Marcus Buckingham
The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

Music for a friend:
Rodrigo y Gabriela (a fantastic acoustic guitar record)
Sky Blue Sky by Wilco (my pick for rock record of 2007)

Gadgets for those who have everything:
IPOD 1 Gig Shuffle
(Load it up with music and give it as a 21st Century mix-tape. Even if they already have an IPOD, no one has too many shuffles!)
The Kindle
(Amazon’s amazing new e-book reader. A must have for a gadget head)

Click through at least one of these suggestions and my blog will get credit from Amazon for your entire purchase. I’m donating 100% of my affiliate fees for December to my favorite charity, The National Urban Debate League. So start a last minute shopping spree through my blog and help me give back!