Just love them

What do you do when you have conflict with someone at work?

Just love him.

What do you do when your employees lack motivation, insight or good judgement?

Just love them.

In my first book, I define Business Love (Bizlove) as the act of intelligently sharing your intangibles to promote other people’s growth. What are these intangibles? Your knowledge, network of relationships and your compassion. If you give these away to others, especially those that you are having problems with, you’ll be surprised how things work themselves out.

Many people that are prone to create conflict do so because they are suffering emotionally. They often lack anyone in their life that cares about them. No one bothers to understand what they are going through. What if you learned that your enemy at work was a jerk to you because he has no friends and is merely lonely?

People respond to love, this is the Law Of Reciprocity. I call this the secret for business.

Tomorrow, pick someone that you work with and ‘love them’ — give her a piece of advice, introduce her to someone you know that she needs to meet or just hug her (HR policy be damned). There’s too much money and numbers and not enough kindess and compassion at work.