Jazz it up with Saint Germain

A few years ago, a friend gave me a compilation CD called “Buddha Bar.” It is produced by DJ Raven at the world famous Buddha Bar in Paris.

I loved it! It featured lounge, jet set and frech funk music with a sense of style. The music captures the essence of the good life. Since then, I’ve discovered countless compilations including Hotel Costes as well as the Putomayo Lounge collections.

Of all, though, my favorite are the compilations by Saint Germain of Paris. His style is new jazz with a twist of funk. His newest release is Saint Germain Des Pres Cafe V.9, a double album of catchy listen-anytime tunes. It is available on Amazon as an import, yet is less than $20.00.

If you like lounge, funk, easy, downtempo, world or Austin-Powers — you should check it out!