Into a dark cinematic soundscape, Portishead goes

I just received my copy of Portishead’s newest CD, Third.

They are back! If you are a fan of Massive Attack, Thievery Corporation or Zero 7, you must pick this disc up ASAP. The band’s sound, fronted by the torchy singer Beth Gibbons, is chillout meets sci-fi film. Liam, the brainchild of the group, has picked up some extra programming chops and has diversified Portishead’s trip-hop style. Their new material has smatterings of old Nine Inch Nails, Young Gods and even Ministry. In other words, it electronically rocks.

When you pop the disc in, go straight to track 5 (Plastic) and listen through to the last track (Threads). This 6 pack of songs = the perfect listening experience. Track 1 is great, but 2-4 are slow songs, thus my re-sequencing recommendation.

For iTunes store buyers, pick off these tracks:
5 (Plastic), 6 (We Carry On) and 9 (Small).

If you’ve never listened to Portishead before, you are missing out on one of the best British bands of the last twenty years. They have a classic Jazz-Funk-Dr.Dre-James Bond sound found only in the UK.

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