Interview social media expert Chris Brogan

Posted by Mark J Carter (with Saving The World at Work & Networking For A Cause)

Below is an interview with Chris Brogan.

Chris Brogan is a ten year veteran of using social media and technology
to build digital relationships for businesses, organizations, and
individuals. Chris speaks, blogs, writes articles, and makes media of
all kinds at [], a blog in the top 20 of the Advertising Age Power 150 and in the top 100 on Technorati.

Sanders: What are your top priorities as a person and a blogger, when it comes to changing the world?

Brogan: As a person, my top priorities are to be helpful. I've
shifted from working on myself to working on raising up as many other
people as I can. The reason is simple: I'm only one man and can't scale
well. Now, I need an army.

Sanders: What ways would you say bloggers can create social change within the communities they belong to?

Brogan: Bloggers have the tools to spread information around
quickly and simply. They are the Gutenberg Press of our times. They are
the newspaper, the TV, the radio, and more. With this in mind, they can
bring voice to previously silent needs.

Sanders: What other socially conscious bloggers do you respect and why?

Brogan: Beth Kanter,
hands down. She is the patron saint of showing people how tech
(especially online media) can help change the world. She's the best at
what she does.

Sanders: What causes are most important to you and why?

Brogan: I'm very supportive of children's causes, probably
because I'm a dad, but honestly, I support causes that benefit humans
in need. I'm not as fussy about political issues, because I feel that
some of those situations are higher up in Maslow's hierarchy of need.
Let's just make the kids okay as a start.

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