How Would You Like To Work On a Game Changing Book?

We live in a world where 8 out of 10 people “have a book in them.” 

But along the way, I’m come to a bigger discovery: Most of us have what it takes to contribute to a book project and find real meaning along the way.  Some of us have great editorial and writing skills, likely honed from college and work experiences.  Some of us are great designers, be it Photoshop gurus or branding experts.  And then many of you have marketing and publicity chops, that could help a book become more discoverable upon launch.

Of all things you could be working on, books are likely the most valuable.  Books are the rare media products people are willing to pay for.  Their long form nature lends itself to having a bigger impact on the reader than a blog, newsletter or magazine article.  Finally, the nature of book projects enable you to make new friends and professional connections far beyond what you are achieving with networking services like LinkedIn. 

So what are you waiting for?  At Net Minds, we’ve created a platform that connects authors and freelance talent (just like you).  In some cases, the relationship is work-for-hire.  But in most cases, you are real partner, cut into the profits of the book over the long haul.  

On several of our projects, editors/designers/marketers are working on their first book project – leveraging their other experiences and producing fresh work that will thrill readers.  We’ve also secured some of the top editorial, design and marketing talents to contribute to our projects.  They understand how disruptive our Group Publishing model is, and that’s why they are getting involved at the ground floor.

We’ve just released the Fall Net Minds Select, a collection of terrific book projects looking for freelance partners.  We offer up seasoned authors like Todd Duncan, Dain Dunston, Bill Jensen and Kevin Kelly. We also introduce first time authors like Jon Hinds,  Michael Smith from Forbes, Nicholas Tucker and Brian Cuban

Take a second to peruse our projects  , and if one of them strikes you fancy, raise your hand and join our movement!