Here’s My Technique For Overcoming Stage Fright

A few years ago, I discovered a technique for overcoming stage fright.  We all likely have to fight through nerves when making presentations, sales pitches or participating in meetings — especially when the audience is tough or the stakes are high.  

I’ve learned that our performance is a function of our thinking patterns, and in particular, the state of our subconcious mind.  If we are confident, we can relax for easy power.  If we are afraid, we are either too timid or inappropriately bombastic.  Furthermore, the last thoughts we take to the stage ultimately frame our mood and outlook. 

So what are your last thoughts before it’s go-time?  In this keynote excerpt, I share my fear-busting technique with a group of high performing sales people.  While it seems like a simple plan, it requires one’s imagination and determination to rise above the situation.  Can you do this? 

Reload A Success Experience For Total Confidence by Tim Sanders

Reload A Success Experience by Tim Sanders from Tim Sanders on Vimeo.