“He will be blessed for this”

Larry Hardnett takes his community values to work. 

He cleans cars for a living.  His small business sets up shop on corporate parking lots, serving time starved workers.  He doesn't jockey for tips, instead he asks for turkeys to help the less fortunate.  

He lives in the greater West Palm Beach area, where I gave a talk yesterday.  Thanks to my new friend Monte Resnick for sharing this with me.  There's a video too, and you'd better get your Kleenex out! 

Larry is what I call a Saver Soldier in my new book, Saving The World At Work.  He uses his work as a platform to make a difference.  He spends valuable biz time to gather resources to help his community.  Even though he doesn't attempt to make it cause marketing (say, like Starbucks or Gap does), it certainly will be good for his business.  He got major coverage in his local market yesterday and hundreds of local biz folk now know about his business.  I'm talking about him and after you read the story and view the video, you'll likely spread the word too.  Tell me that giving is bad for biz.