Have to VS Get to (Part 2)


A few weeks ago, I received a finished copy of my new book. 

For about the first half hour, I thumbed through it, looking at all the corrections and admiring the packaging.  I’m so proud of the finished book, and I can’t wait until you get a chance to read it too (Sept 16, launch date for Saving The World At Work!).

The process confirms that the editorial efforts are worth it.   Over the course of the production process, I’ve read at least six passes of the manuscript – all the while making little corrections and suggestions.  The last two read throughs can be tough because at some point you get tired of reading the same words over and over again.

However, on the last few passes, I kept saying to myself, “I get to do this, I’m lucky to have this chance to help the book be the best it can be.”  This mantra kept me focused and gave me the energy to give the last pass of the manuscript the same quality as the first one.

Many of you also ‘get to’ review your product quality – sometimes over and over again.  Whether it is a marketing program, packaging elements or a power point presentation – thoughtful editing is a top priority.   Some of you might not get a chance to have four or five looks at something you are working on because there’s not enough time or you aren’t given access to prototypes.  That’s a shame, because product quality is outside of your control.  Speak up for yourself (and the product) and demand one more go-around prior to production. 

Most of all, cherish your opportunities to improve your product.  Each time you get to see and comment on a prototype, you are likely to innovate it for the better.  Over the long haul, its quality is all you’ll have to be proud of.