Go with your first take

I recently had the opportunity of producing a teaser video for the launch of a new trade magazine.

The organization is MPI, and they are unveiling their new magazine at their annual event in Las Vegas next month. I spoke at their last big conference, fell in love with what they are doing with the meetings industry, and now I’m working with them on fun stuff like this.

I hired a videographer to come over to my house, MPI sent me a script of sorts, and we shot for a half day. I did the bit over and over again, trying to get it just right so it would come off like Bob Newhart (except with hair).

All in all, I shot about eight full versions of it, with a lot of botched attempts. When I was taking notes along the way, I decided the keeper was the seventh full take – about 35 minutes into the tape. Jacqueline saw it differently: She liked the rehearsal that I did before we did the first take. Anthony, who later edited it, agreed. I watched it again, and I understood why.

No pressure. No overthink. Just your first impression of what the take should be like.

That’s my point to you too, go with your first take most of the time. Whatever it is: presentation, pitch, creative idea, problem solving session. Take the take that comes from a full tank. It’s usually the right one, the real one and the one that most comes from your intuition.
Here’s the video: Tim Sanders reviews MPI’s new magazine

Tim Sanders Previews MPI’s New Magazine from MPI on Vimeo.