Go to a likemind and get connected

My good friend John Livesay points out a New York Times piece on a new form of networking that's making the social-business circles. 

I think these type of events are the future.   It's not what-do-you-do or even who-do-you-know.  The organizing energy of a Likemind is to assemble people with similar attitudes, beliefs and causes.  They come from all walks, with various levels of resources.  The key is chemistry.  If done right, a Likemind leads to deep conversations, follow up actions and long lasting value. 

Keith Ferrazzi has these types of gatherings in his home.  The TED Conference is a mega-L-Minder.  Catalyst is a Likemind for church leaders of the new school.  A Likemind is like a tribal gathering, except without any expectations of an outcome.