Go manga with Johnny Bunko

Daniel Pink is one of the most creative minds in business writing today.

His newest book is The Adventures Of Johnny Bunko, a graphic business book. You might call it a comic, but in Japan they call it Manga. This book takes you on a fun filled journey with Johnny Bunko, as he learns six important lessons for career success.

One of my fave lessons is Rule #2: It’s not about you. You can imagine why I like that so much. I finally learned that lesson in my early 30’s and it really informed my point of view when I wrote Love Is The Killer App.

If you know a 20-something that is looking for career advice, this is the book for them to read. My son got a copy, loved it and learned from it. A typical boring biz book wouldn’t have had that effect.

Even if you are a salty old dog, like me, this book is still a fun fast and inspiring romp. I’m hoping it goes straight to the top of the best seller lists because it is a groundbreaking concept — and a good book.

Check out this ‘book trailer’ that he produced to promote the book’s launch.