Go back to dreaming and get some sleep

I just found out how to go back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night.  

Go back to dreaming.  

According to Dr. Woodson Merrell in his wonderful new book, The Source, we lose energy in our life because we lose the most important sleep — the hours between 4am and rise.  

What happens, according to Merrell, is that we wake up, stop dreaming and start to think in real terms. This causes us to stay up and never quite get back into a deep sleep. Through his research and work, he's found that if you purposefully rejoin your dream after waking up, you'll quickly fall back into a deep sleep. 

After reading the book, Jacqueline told me about this and how the solution had worked for her the night before (twice). Last night, I woke up (and didn't look at the clock to check the time). I was having a dream about playing in a football game (stop laughing). I realized I was awake, and said to myself, "it's time to get back on the playing field". I laid my head on the pillow and in a few shakes, I was back asleep. 

You may not always be dreaming when you wake up, but the point is that you've got to figure out how to NOT start thinking in real terms. That is the secret to getting a good night's sleep. This is one of MANY great energy generating tips Dr. Merrell shares in The Source.