Give Bob a try, bang Mark’s drum.

Every month or so, I send out a newsletter to thousands of folks I’ve met in the last five years. I call is the Lovecat newsletter and you can sign up from any page of my official web site.

Each newsletter recommends two books and two records. I always hyper analyze the selections I make each issue, and this month I stepped out of my indie-in-the-moment skin and recommended my readers to partake of Bob Dylan’s Modern Times. It is a lights out great record from a guy who is a master of melody and guitar playing — not just change the world lyrics.

Excerpt from the November Newsletter:
MODERN TIMES by Bob Dylan is a modern masterpiece a real record in a time of digital demo tapes. Every song on the record demonstrates his mastery over time and space. From fresh blues to boogie, he nails every song. I am not a traditional Dylan fan, but this record converted me. You owe it to yourself to experience the music fountain of youth that is 2006 circa Dylan.
Modern Times by Bob Dylan


I’ve been jamming with Mark Schulman this year — working on some material to “bring the band back.” More on that later. Mark is also a speaker and philosopher, as well as one of the greatest drummers on the circuit. He’s touring now with Pink. His website is not only a design masterpiece, it has a great little shockwave application you can enjoy right now — his virtual drumkit. Mark offers all visitors a way to play his current kit, drum for drum and sound for sound. Check it out here.

Good luck with the rest of the tour, Mark!