Get up on the right side of the bed

The first few minutes of you day sets its tone.  

Do you jump out of bed, grab the paper, turn on the coffee pot and go onlineIf so, you might have wildly inconsistent early morning moods — often driven by your inbox or the day's headlines.  Don't leave your attitude and mood to chance, they are important! When you are in a great mood, filled with gratitude, your day will be more effective (and enjoyable). 

About six months ago, I put myself on a new wake-up plan that's changed my life.  When I first wake up, I lay back down and close my eyes and concentrate on three people I should be grateful for from the previous day.  

It could be a helpful co-worker.  My wife.  A friend who gave me good advice.  I think and think until I've come up with three people.  I focus on their positive intentions to help me be successful or happy.  I say outloud "Grateful for ____."  Then, I get up and over coffee, write down one sentence to capture my gratefulness for those three people.  In the beginning, I struggled to always find three helpful people from the previous day, especially if I was writing in seclusion.  But soon I realized that everyday is filled with people helping us along.  Now, I struggle to limit myself to three. 

Start tomorrow off with this exercise, and you'll see how deeply it colors your mood. Filled with gratitude for those who intend to help you, your total confidence will swell and you'll feel like you've got a strong tailwind for the day. 

Sure beats reading the newspaper or checking out the headlines on Yahoo!.