Get the demo underway!

Jacqueline and I are in the middle of some serious home remodeling. For over a year, we’ve spec’d, planned and dreamed about new doors, decks and a studio.

A few weeks ago, the wrecking crew showed up and started doing demolition work. They tore out walls, ripped off siding and carted away debris. While the demo work is unnerving, its also inspiring: Something new is about to be built!

Until the wrecking ball tears something up, all you are doing is talking about change or remodeling or redesign. This applies to your business life too. You can’t do a radical makeover on anything (company or home) unless you are willing to tear down some structures. And you aren’t underway unless the demotion’s done. You see, demotion leads to restoration. It sits there, an ugly hole where something used to be, begging for action (not talking).

No matter how hard it is to get your crew started, once they knock something down they have no choice but to proceed onward. So quit talking about change, and break something! Change something! If you want to rethink your business model, tear up your mission statement or take your product off the market.

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