Get in sync with your group

Quick, look at your watch, what time is it? Now look at the clock on your computer desktop. What time does it show?

Now find out what time your coworker has on their cell phone. Same time?

We live in a non-sync world where “see you at 10:00am” is a loose promise. You might be there ten minutes late and I might show up five minutes early. Fifteen minutes of non-sync gap. This is no good.

BTW: Setting your watch fast to make you run on time, makes you run out of time with everyone else.

Sync everything against one common source with your bizmates. I know it sounds hard, but you’ll find that a few minutes can make a difference. Many of the people I know are on Cingular, so I have sync’d everything to that. Sometimes, when setting a meeting with a new person, I ask them (like a line in so many great spy movies), “what time do you have?” and mentally sync from there.

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