Get in on the happy party

If you want to wipe out some scarcity thinking, catch someone else's Abundance.  

Take a look around you and find a smile. Reciprocate with your own and ask for the juicy details. As you hear about her new found recognition or an fantastic experience, get excited too! Inhale her happiness and then exhale a "Good for you!".  

This exercise will help you realize that there's enough to share. By getting in on the happy party, you are tearing down that wall inside yourself that often reflects other's gains with ensuing feelings of envy, jealousy or cynicism. 

This is a form of generosity. If you are big enough to respond to someone else's gain with empathy instead of self-centeredness, you are growing the pie-of-life in your mind.

Too often these days, we are so focused on survival, we place ME at the center of the table. When someone else gets something, we respond "what about me". This is no way to live and no way to build relationships. "What are you so happy about" is a typical scarcity driven response — and according to a lot of research, it will drive people away from you.