Get back in the game

July 4 is the last official holiday of the Summer.

Next stop, Labor Day.

As people ease back into the office today, seize the moment and be the first to tap them for business. I have learned that, over the years, holidays create good moods-tired bodies and a great opportunity to do some business. While everyone assumes that Thursday and Friday will be useless this week, I am jumping in for some easy scores in biz.

July 5, starting around 10am:
I will sell something, interview someone and help finish the last 1% of an important project. I’ll run swoops on my suspects until they finally arrive. No message, I’ll call back. They’ll act surprised when I finally get to them. We’ll do business.

The rest of the world will sigh, blame this slow week on the 4th, and wait until next week to jump back into the fray.