Get an eye full of local culture


I've just left the historic city of Yalta, by the Black Sea in Ukraine.

To get there, I flew to New Jersey, Copenhagen, then a charter to Ukraine and a bus to Yalta.  It was 30 grueling hours of travel. 

The next day, after a half decent night's sleep, I decided to take in an eye full of Yalta culture.  This is what I recommend to anyone traveling to a new city.  Don't just go to the conference, learn something about the city your are visiting.  Culture is the belief systems that determines how locals react, build relationships and communicate.  Culture is fantastic.

This is the #1 way I cope with the insane travel demands of being a speaker on the road.

During the trip, which I'll tell you more about later, I learned a great deal about the history of Russia.  In fact, I even learned how to speak a little Russian (OK, four words, but it was a start).   I managed to convince a stranger to take my picture for you — and teaching someone how to use an iPhone without speaking the language is tough!