Focus your recycling efforts at the office


Yesterday, I was at the Fox Business Channel's studio to tape an interview for "Money For Breakfast". 

I noticed this recycling bin, filled with dead 9 volt batteries.  This is the way to do it!  Studios use alot of devices (audio, etc.) that require 9 volts.  Too often, they are thrown away, and make their way into landfills where they are quite toxic as they decompose.

One of the studio guys told me that they send all of this to a dedicated service that recycles them.  This is proper disposal AND the right way to approach recycling.  Too often, you'll see plastic bottles, paper and batteries in the same bin. 

When that happens, recycling takes much more energy and is less efficient.  Separating these items is tricky, and if done wrong, corrupts the recycling chain — creating more waste down the line.

What does your office burn through?  Are you thoughtfully disposing of it?  Hey, if they can get it right at this studio, with their crazy schedule, you can too!