Fix one bad habit this week

I believe that most of the damage we do to the world, including our employees, is a matter of bad habits or improper design.

Most environmental damage is the result of a design that makes waste as a byproduct of profits.

Most leadership damage comes from the insular, self-promoting habits we form early on in our business life.

For me, I have decided to stop reacting to things (negative) on the same day I discover them. My instant-response habit may be quick, but often it leads to regrettable behavior. I’m also going to stop my ship-it-to-me habit of buying things and try to pick things up “along the way.”

By Friday, step back and look at your own habits at work: How you consume resources, what you allow to happen, how you react to certain emotional situations. Are you happy with those habits? Can you find “one bad habit” to break this week? If you find a habit you’d like to break, talk about it in comments — you may help a fellow reader!