First one back to Long gets to be the Phoenix

Today I issued a press release (It’s Time To Get Back to Long Thinking Ideas).  This is related to tomorrow’s re-launch of my book, Saving The World At Work.  True to Maslow’s theories of human nature, the recession has caused many of us to go short term in our thinking. 

Employee development programs are cancelled. Community development programs go on the back burner until times are clearly better.  Going green is so 2007 — a convenience of the times.  Left unchecked, this short term thinking could take on momentum, and squelch the long term plans that could help sustain our way of life. 

There’s a basic law of business that any company or leader should obey: The Law Of The Long View.  If you look at the history of economic recessions, the first group of companies to resume long term planning usually emerges as the “winner of the recession” or “The Phoenix”.  The group of people and companies that continue to live for survival become the fodder.  Are you ready to go long again?  Brave enough to think all the way to 2011?  Human nature hasn’t changed, business conditions have, and only for the short term.